European Youth Orienteering Championship 2017

29.06. – 02.07.2017 Slovakia, Banská Bystrica

5.7.2017: We would like to thank everyone who took part in EYOC 2017. We hope that everyone had a great time in Banska Bystrica and brought home a lot of good memories. Congratulations to all the medailists, as well as all participants who successfully fought against themselves in the tough races and weather conditions. We hope to see you again in Slovakia some time later.

5.7.2017: Photos and videos from all events are available on the page Photos & Videos.

3.7.2017: Maps from the LONG RACE and RELAY.

3.7.2017: EYOC 2017 team score.

2.7.2017: Photos from the relay race.

2.7.2017: Relay official results + complete results, split times.


1.7.2017: Photos 1 & Photos 2 from the long race.

1.7.2017: Team leaders meeting materials + meeting minutes.

1.7.2017: Start list for the relay on 2.7.2017.

1.7.2017: Long distance race RESULTS + SPLIT TIMES.

1.7.2017: NEW LIVE STREAM from the long distance race.

1.7.2017: LIVE STREAM from the long distance race.

1.7.2017: Photos from the sprint race.

30.6.2017: Team leaders meeting materialsmeeting minutes.

30.6.2017: Start list for the long race.

30.6.2017: Split times from the sprint race.

30.6.2017: Maps from the sprint race.

30.6.2017: Official results of the sprint race.

30.6.2017: LIVE STREAM from the sprint race finish area.

30.6.2017: Online results + split times for the sprint race on 30.6.2017.

29.6.2017: Interview with the course planner.

29.6.2017: Team leaders meeting materials + meeting minutes.

29.6.2017: Photos from the sprint model.

29.6.2017: Start list for the sprint race has been published.

29.6.2017: Please see the transport information for the Sprint race and the opening ceremony on 30.6.2017.

27.6.2017: Registration starts on 28.6. from 16:00 till 22:00. Earlier visit of the Event Office is possible after confirmation. Address of the Event Office. Contact: Rastislav Szabó, +421-949-183126

23.6.2017: Information about finish areas for spectators.

23.6.2017: The third Bulletin has been published.

22.6.2017: We publish a list of coutries and athletes after FINAL ENTRIES.

17.6.2017: Please note that the payment and final entries deadline is 19th June 2017. We are expecting your nominative entries.

23.5.2017: If you plan to amend team size specified in your preliminary entry, please do it by 31st May 2017. After that, all modifications will be charged, as stated in the Bulletin 2: additional entries will be made with a surcharge of 20% and withdrawals receive an 80% refund.

21.5.2017: We feel a lot of support from the local government in the person of Mayor Jan Nosko and Vicemayor Martin Turcan. The town of Banská Bystrica is currently the European City of Sports 2017.


14.5.2017: The final (nominative) entry form can be found HERE.

04.5.2017: We publish a list of coutries and athletes after GENERAL ENTRIES - UPDATED.

26.4.2017: Please note that preliminary entries deadline is in few days - 29th April 2017.

21.04.2017: The second Bulletin has been published.

14.04.2017: The first check of the LONG & RELAY terrain after the snow has melted went well. The map is excellent, there are some newly fallen trees in the forest. Organizers started with checking of the routes and expected winning times.

12.02.2017: Training area for sprint race in Špania Dolina village in winter time.


27.01.2017: The preliminary entry form can be found HERE. The deadline for preliminary entries is 29th April 2017.

(The deadline has been extended according to the newest IOF regulations valid from 1st January 2017).

18.01.2017: Sprint area in Banská Štiavnica city during winter time.

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30.11.2016: Previous map of the Long&Relay area can be found HERE.

19.11.2016: Maps of all EYOC competition areas are ready. Course setters started drawing the courses.

10.11.2016: Training area related to the Long&Relay terrains:

24.08.2016: We are pleased to announce that our sponsor SPORTident will provide the AIR+ contactless punching system for each race of EYOC 2017. More information on SPORTident AIR+ punching system here.

19.07.2016:The first Bulletin has been published.