Training Camp

Training camp can be completed at any time from 1st August 2016. The organizer offers the possibility to arrange accommodation, food and trainings. In the period from August 1st, 2016 to June 28th 2017, permanent controls will be placed in training area nr.3.

Training camp possibilities include 3 training areas:
1, Špania Dolina - sprint
2, Kremnička - long and relay /fast terrain/
3, Ortuty - long and relay /technical terrain/


  1. Laser print maps: 3 EUR / piece
  2. OCAD file: 150 EUR / map
  3. OCAD file: 400 EUR / all 3 maps
  4. OCAD file of a sprint map of the city of Banska Bystrica free / when you purchase point nr.3
    Accommodation and meals will be arranged individually.
Trainings camps must be ordered at least one month in advance.