Entry fee: 190 EUR /participant (competitor or official)

Entry fee includes
 Start fee for three stages of EYOC and model event
 Accommodation and fullboard from dinner at 30th June to lunch at 3rd July
 Friendship party
 Transportation from accommodation to event areas and back

Entry fee includes:
- start fee for the three stages of EYOC and the model event,
- accommodation and full board from dinner on 29th June to lunch on 2nd July,
- friendship party,
- transport from accommodation to event areas and back.

In addition to the student hostel accommodation announced in the Bulletin 1 (type B), we also provide type A accommodation in a hotel for additional cost: 20 EUR / person / night. Type A accommodation will be available only for 50 persons (first entries take precedence).

Entry fee includes accommodation with full board starting from June 29. (dinner) till July 2. (lunch). In case you are planning to arrive sooner or leave later, or in case that you need accommodation for non-accredited persons, please fill in the extra accommodation order form.

The preliminary entry form can be found HERE.
The extra accommodation order form can be found HERE.

Preliminary entries: till 29th April 2017
Payment and final entries: till 19th June 2017

(the deadlines has been extended according to the newest IOF regulations valid from 1.1.2017)

All entries should be submitted via email: entries@hadveo.sk